Chiropractic and Infants

We recommend all newborns and children are evaluated and adjusted. Birth is a physically traumatic event by nature (whether vaginal or C-section), and we encourage at least one visit post-birth to address the spine and nervous system function.


  • Can my infant see a chiropractor?

    • Yes! Many parents elect to have their baby adjusted, since trauma to the spine can occur at or prior to birth.

  • How early can my infant be seen?

    • As soon as you are comfortable leaving the house to bring them in. There are babies that get adjusted first thing after birth, and that’s encouraged!

  • Is it safe?

    • Yes, Doctors of Chiropractic use only gentle and safe techniques when adjusting children, no more pressure than you would use in testing the ripeness of a tomato. We will also check age-appropriate reflexes at this time to assess the development of their nervous system.

  • What are indications my child should be adjusted?

    • We recommend all infants be seen at least once after birth to address the trauma their bodies go through during birth, whether that was vaginal or C-section. Other indications would be colic, gassy/reflux, constipation, posture favoring one side, not eating well, not nursing on one specific side or seeming uncomfortable in doing so, fussy during tummy time, and others. If your baby seems uncomfortable or fussy, a chiropractic adjustment can often help.

  • How often should my baby get adjusted?

    • Once they have been evaluated and are growing and developing normally with no additional issues as listed above, we recommend they get adjusted at every major milestone:

      • Begins to lift head/shoulders during tummy time (~2 months)

      • Begins teething (~4 months)

      • Learning to sit up, rolling from stomach to back (~6 months)

      • Pushing up to crawl/crawling position (~8-9 months)

      • Pulling to standing (age varies)

      • Cruising along furniture (~11 months)

      • Walking unassisted (age varies)

    Remember, all babies develop at different paces and that’s ok! We like to see them at these major milestones to make sure their joints, posture, and movement are developing normally and in a healthy way to set them up for success in the future.

    Call us to schedule an appointment for your child today! And remember to get postpartum mom and adjustment too, as she’s just been through a big physical event as well!