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Sage Counseling provides strategy-based wellness counseling that facilitates the integration of health, thereby bridging the gap between where a person is now and where they want to be.

Sage Counseling implements a holistic counseling approach. By learning skills and techniques, using tools to improve overall wellness, the client is able to work towards goals that have a positive impact on their life.

Our counselor works with individuals towards healthy living practices by helping to address the mind and body, through:

Anxiety and Stress Management




Cognitive and Behavioral approach to life’s challenges

Goal setting


Problem Solving

Healthy Relationships



One Session (50 minutes) - $110

Half Session (25 minutes) - $55

Typically sessions will be 50 minutes, with shortened sessions scheduled at the discretion of the counselor. Insurance is not accepted for these services, therefore clients are responsible for their total balance at the time of service.

Rhonda Goodloe, LMSW, is the in-office counselor partnered with Prairie Sage. Learn more about Rhonda here.

Sage Counseling is a separate entity from Prairie Sage Functional Medicine and Kinesiology. As such, one does not need to be a patient of Prairie Sage to access these services.